Sant Rohidas
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

About our self

21st century India sometimes amazes us because of its different society, casts and sub-casts, their life style, varied languages and dialects. India’s whole society is spread as resident Indians to non resident Indians. If we talk of only India, Gujarati community is developing rather developed that includes all community of Gujarat in the cities such as Economical capital Mumbai and mega cities like New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore.

If we talk of Gujarat, descendants of Saint Rohidas are known as ‘Rohits’. Rohit community is out to get equipped with latest technology to keep the pace with modern life. Doctors, Engineers, Chartered Accounts, Professors, Management Experts, Bankers, Government high officials, 1st and 2nd grade officers, Entrepreneurs involved in independent business, Literary personality, Artists all these have contributed in development of Rohit Community and have led the same to the highest level. Even though, with intention to be a part of development of Rohit Community we are getting together on one platform, and try to contribute in total development of society, with which this site can expect you to reach the highest peak of progress.

We have a plan to make a list of NRIs of Rohit community who are staying in foreign country. We have a plan to make lists of bright students, list of eligible unmarried who are looking for right match, names of organizers of group marriage, list of educational and non government organizations. We are taking an opportunity of my daughter’s marriage and on that auspicious day we are going to launch the website with blessings of Yogeshwar Bagwan. We expect all to cooperate and help updating the website.

Shri Jayesh Haribhai Parmar from village Kadi, Rajpur (presently in Ahmedabad) has been the pioneer of making website. Along with him Shri Jayesh D. Parmar (GRIMCO) and Shri Mahendra J. Parmar (Senior Clerk of Shakti University) have also been contributors in making of this website.